© Tri-County Chiropractic 2011. All rights reserved. Site developed and published by DeBerry Marketing Services, LLC “From pain relief to wellness”   Chiropractic helps to unleash your natural healing ability and your inner healer. It is the most popular drug-free health care system in the world. Chiropractic doctors work with the bones of your spinal column and the nerves in and around your spinal cord. Dr. Bennitt Paterson, D.C. has been educating and adjusting numerous patients since he started his practice back in the early 1990’s.  he has spent many years training to learn how to locate misplaced spinal vertebrae that are interfering with the nerves around the brain and spinal cord. Our Team is at your service: Dr. Bennitt Patterson, D.C. “My patients’ health is very important to me. You will find this reflected in our staff and the great level of patient care you will receive from us here at Tri-County Chiropractic.” 352-493-1540 We are ready to assist you with all of your Chiropractic needs!  Call today to schedule your appointment.

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